Once there was a goat who
Decided he would send a note to
His sister living on the coast
He put it in the post
And waited for an answer
The sister was a goat too
And so before she read the note through
She promptly chewed it up and ate it
Couldn't she have waited?
That's how she was created
She wrote back
"How are things up on the mountain, Ken?
I'm writing you this letter
With my marvellous fountain pen"
Kenny got the letter
But couldn't manage any better
He went and chewed it into pieces
Pictures of the nieces
Ended up with creases
She'll be none the wiser
Thought Ken, it's better to disguise a
Mistake than let it get you down
I'll head into the town
And post another letter
Goats write notes but have no way of knowing
How their distant relatives are actually going
Kenny wrote a letter