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Te Papapa School CONCERT

Thanks so much to Te Papapa School and Onehunga Primary for having us on the same busy day. It was loads of fun and also so great to play in my local neighbourhood (says Rob). Matua Ben and Ms Driver were the stars on and off stage at Te Papapa, and we did our first ever "conga back to class" finale at Onehunga. 

Thanks again to both wonderful schools! Register on this page to be in the draw to win a t-shirt, sent to you at school! 


What a great couple of shows we played at KNIGHTON NORMAL SCHOOL in Hamilton this Friday morning! Such a marvellous bunch of enthusiastic, sharp, attentive and happy children with their fantastic tecahers. Mr BROOKER and MR PENMAN played the best bulls we've ever had and also did a great job as ballerinas. Thanks also to Mr Valkenborg and Ms Walsh for being our Seeds to Trees demonstrators. Photos to come on this page next week, so come back and take a look.

Thanks again Knighton Normal School. We hope to see you again soon!

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The re-opening of the Hamilton Central Library: 9th July

Hi all,

Please come and celebrate the re-opening of the Hamilton Central Library with us on Monday, July 9th. We’ll be on stage at 11.30am playing lots of favourites, including of course “L-I-B-R-A-R-Y.”

Afterwards, we’ll be shooting scenes for our upcoming NZonAir video for the library song. Come along and lip-synch your favourite lines and be in the video!

After the show, go in the draw to win a Mr Roberelli T-shirt and CD. You can register here.

See you on the 9th!!