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Mr Roberelli: (left to right) Paul Depledge, Rob Wigley, Rochelle Depledge

"Mr Roberelli has done it again.  The 7th album has wonderful characters, cracking tunes and some very funny songs, and will entertain everyone from the youngest in the family to the oldest (so long as they can handle the odd mention of poo).  Our favourites are 'Jacaranda', 'Polly Syllabic (who has a tremendous grasp of language) and 'The same Mooon and Sun.'" - The Jo Walters Trust


Mr Roberelli is available electronically!

Yes, that's right.  On Spotify, Itunes, GooglePlay, Xbox Music

Thank you for supporting Mr Roberelli and we hope you will like our next album.  

Paul, Rochelle and Rob

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