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Mr Roberelli: (left to right) Paul Depledge, Rob Wigley, Rochelle Depledge

“A dashingly hip Auckland trio...”

“Wigley won the APRA children’s song award in 2011 for a snappy little number titled Beans about Beans

“Over five albums, the trio has perfected their recipe for songs that mingle messages with melodiousness; more often than not their songs inhabited by characters like Karen Dash: a girl with strange obsessions with pencils a young lady who might have slipped from the pen of Ogden Nash or Shel Silverstein.”

“My most recent Mr Roberelli album is their 2016 release Skinkypants which deals out enough genre play to please the kidult in all of us.  I could well imagine the Beatles running into a character like Mr Boring at some point in their Yellow Submarine saga and who needs George Martin on this ride when the trio can indulge itself in imperturbable metronomes whistling kettles chugalug strings and even a snippet of distressed Beethoven in the song’s opening bars.”

William Dart – New Horizons 16 July 2017

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Paul, Rochelle and Rob

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